A small but historically very important town in the Vistula Bay in the north of Poland. The city was most famous for the important astronomer Mikuláš Koperník, who worked here for many years and also died here.

The town was founded as early as 1277, when the Bishop of Warmiň decided to bring the seat of the chapter from the destroyed nearby Braniew here after the uprising of the Prussians. Today, the city is an important tourist destination, as it offers an unprecedented amount of time, it is also referred to as the "jewel of Warminsk."

The main tourist magnet is the local Gothic brick cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in which M. Copernicus is buried. The cathedral on the Cathedral Hill is surrounded by a high wall, which also includes several palaces and the Copernicus Tower. The palaces house a museum and a library, from the tower there is a beautiful view of the Vistula Bay, on the ground floor of the tower is a planetarium.

The newly renovated square in the city center represents the solar system on the pavement and M. Copernicus sits on one of the benches, with whom tourists can take pictures. Along the square there is a water canal named after Copernicus, which was built in the 17th century. On the square is also the oldest water tower in Poland, from which there is a beautiful view. The whole center is newly renovated and offers a pleasant environment for short walks and relaxation, as it is adjacent to a large city park.

On the edge of the historic center stands the former hospital of St. Ducha, which is very interesting from an architectural point of view and, in addition, now houses a regional museum, is adjacent to a small educational garden where medicinal plants are grown and which offers the possibility of a pleasant rest.

In the summer season, the city offers relaxation on the beach on the Vistula River. Although the river looks like the sea, it is a river beyond which the mainland can be seen - the Vistula Spit, and only behind it is the Baltic Sea. In summer, there are several boat rentals and other water sports equipment, as well as many restaurants specializing in fish. Boats from the local dock go to many destinations in the area. In addition, the city lies on a cycle path - Green Velo, which runs 2,000 km through northern and eastern Poland, connects the most beautiful and interesting places in the region and is said to be the most beautiful of the Polish cycle paths. Bird watching can be observed in the nearby Vistula Bay Nature Reserve. The destination is also popular with fishermen.

Thanks to the various activities that the city offers, Fombork is a very popular holiday destination, both for families with children and for lovers of fishing and water sports.


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